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Logan Clay makes the world’s longest-lasting pipe for sanitary sewer systems. All of our pipe is made from clay because it’s proven to be the most dependable and durable material for permanent, problem-free sanitary sewers.

Clay pipe is inert. So it is the most chemical-resistant sanitary sewer pipe available.

The extended life expectancy of clay pipe makes Logan Clay pipe a perfect fit for municipalities employing an asset management system, because clay pipe delivers the long-term value those systems need.

We’ve never compromised on materials and production. The municipalities that specify our pipe expect the best – and are willing to pay for it – because it will save them money in the long run. Contractors who install clay pipe prefer Logan Clay because both our products and our people keep their promises.

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Building Products
If you are a brick yard distributor, interested in expanding your product offering (and therefore your profitability), our extensive line of chimney tops together with our flue liners and wall coping may be for you.

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