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Clay wall coping adds a touch of elegance and distinction to any wall. Logan’s clay wall coping is vacuum extruded from the finest clays and fired to 2000°F.

Because vitrified clay is inert, it is immune to the ravages of moisture, corrosion, decay and chemical action. Logan’s complete line of wall coping offers a selection of styles to complement any style of architecture - brick, stone or other masonry. In renovation work, Logan Clay wall coping provides a level of authenticity that is unmatched.

When properly installed on top of the wall and sealed with mortar, no moisture should run into the wall. Clay coping is the most durable and economical coping available.

NOTE: Logan Clay wall coping is manufactured as a block, 2 ft. long, yielding 4 lineal ft. per block. It has to be split on the jobsite into two 2 ft. pieces. To split the block, use a wide mason's chisel and hammer in the kerf. Then tap 3-4 times along each side until the block separates.

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Wall Coping Section Specifications

Directions for Installation
Coping is manufactured and shipped as a block 2-feet long, yielding 4 lineal feet per block. To split the block on the job site, use a wide mason’s chisel and hammer in the kerf. Tap 1-2 times at the bottom, middle and top of each side or until the block separates.

Coping should be embedded in a thick bed of mortar laid on top of the wall. All socket joints must be completely filled and the exposed mortar carefully pointed. On sloping walls, sockets must be laid down slope to prevent water from running into the socket joints.













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