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Logan Clay Products is built on two overriding values: quality and stability.

Since 1950, the day-to-day management of the company has been the responsibility of one family dedicated to making Logan Clay the quality leader in the manufacture of clay sewer pipe, wall coping, flue lining and chimney tops. Logan Clay has consistently been an industry leader, implementing manufacturing innovations that improve the quality of clay products - and set the standard for other manufacturers.

Logan Clay makes the most durable sanitary sewer pipe you can install. Clay is the only material that is consistently resistant to the kinds of corrosive compounds that critically degrade other pipe. Because it is inert, clay has a natural resistance to chemicals from hydrogen sulfide to solvents such as ammonia, acetone and turpentine.

When evaluating the cost of a sanitary sewer, the bid price is only the beginning. The true cost of a system also includes the cost of replacing the line when it has reached the end of its lifespan. Clay pipe has a proven 200-year lifespan making it the most cost effective choice for sanitary sewers.

The corrosion resistance, structural integrity and leak free joints of clay pipe give it the lowest lifecycle cost of any pipe material. By installing Logan Clay pipe, wastewater pipe repairs become something local governments and utilities should never again have to think about.

View our products by clicking on a link below. Information on installation, dimensional and other data is also available on our products pages.

Our company, and our reputation for consistent superior product and customer support, is built on the quality and dedication of the people who make up Logan Clay.

You'll find clay pipe experts who are ready with accurate, helpful answers to your application questions. And you’ll find people who have dedicated their careers (many for more than 20-years) to helping our customers do their jobs better.



“Logan makes a superior clay product. I can’t say enough good things about it. We’ve tried other clay pipe, but Logan Clay is so far ahead of all the others in terms of toughness. Now I won’t use anything else.”

John Baker
Baker Construction
Kernersville, North Carolina


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