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Welcome to our Contractors’ Corner. We’ve tried to include the information that contractors most frequently request. If the information you’re looking for isn’t here, please give us a call at 1-800-848-2141.

Installation Guidelines – Proper installation is critical for any pipe product. To ensure a successful installation, follow these quick, convenient installation guidelines.

Point Repair/New Lateral Connections – Quick and effective recommended practice for creating a leak-free repair or connecting a new lateral to an existing main

Shipping & Pack Data – Helpful information for planning delivery schedules to make your site plan as efficient and effective as possible.

Product Variance Data – The nature of the manufacturing process for all clay pipe leads tosmall variances in the end product. Logan Clay is committed to keeping these variances to a minimum. In no event will you get Logan Clay Pipe that exceeds these limits.

Plant Tour – See how we make our pipe, visit us on a 4 minute tour of the plant through the eyes of the men at “How It’s Made” Science Channel [HIM video] – coming soon.

Specifications – To request a complete copy of ASTM C-12, Standard Practice for Installing Vitrified Clay Pipe Lines, click here.

Ask the Expert – Have an installation challenge, or a general question about clay pipe? Our representatives have probably already worked with someone facing a similar challenge. Just ask.

Shipping & Pack Data
Variance Data
"Plant Tour"
Point Repairs & Laterals
Installation Guidelines

"This year we won a sanitary sewer job using clay pipe. None of us had any recent experience with clay. Logan Clay came in, showed us the basics of it [and] how to handle it. They were extremely helpful and we didn't have a single problem with it...The product is great, and the way they treat people who use their product is wonderful. I'd use Logan Clay pipe again without a doubt."

Brian Sharp
Grant Town Excavating
Grant, Michigan


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