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A Dream Job-August 2009
By Mike VanDine

The City of Glendale, California selected VCP for a challenging job site adjacent to DreamWorks Studios. This job incorporated both pilot tube microtunneling (PTMT) and open-cut installation.

Being Smart About Being Green-February 2012
By Tera Arthur

As more municipalities mandate environmental purchasing policies, how are managers to distinguish between brazen greenwashing and the legitimate claims of environmentally responsible manufacturers? One answer is a serious, third party audited certification that provides transparency, allowing managers to verify specific claims.

Clay Pipe and the Triple Bottom Line-September 2009
by Mike VanDine

Vitrified clay pipe meets the needs of today fiscally, socially and environmentally. It is the original sustainable infrastructure product.

National Clay Pipe Institute Assists with Calcium Deposit Research-July 2011
By Joe Parker, Garrett Richardson

The National Clay Pipe Institute (NCPI) was recently called upon to aid the Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) of Southern California in an investigation into possible causes of an unknown material building up in some of its gravity sewer lines.

Past as Prologue-January 2011
By Larry Tolby, Michael VanDine

In Portland, Oregon, the past reveals the best way forward. After using a variety of other pipe materials, the City Of Portland has returned to vitrified clay pipe.

St. Louis Turns to Pilot Tube Microtunneling-January 2009
By Ed Sewing, Mike Luth, Jeff Boschert

After an experience with directional drilling that was less than satisfactory, the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) was hesitant to consider another trenchless approach for installation of gravity flow sewer lines. The final selection of pilot tube microtunneling as the installation method was driven by smaller construction staging footprint requirements and smaller jacking and receiving shafts, all facilitated by the diameter of pipe to be installed.

The Return of Vitrified Clay Pipe-March 2011
By Michael Fielding

A new generation of engineers is learning why their predecessors specified more than 5 billion feet for the nation's sewers.

Vitrified Clay Resurgence-April 2011
By Jeff Boscher

There are several reasons for this resurgence, but the primary reason is that municipalities and engineers are confirming the long life and low maintenance of VCP. As they have more experience with competitive products they evaluate what they have learned and opt to return to VCP.



"For new pipe, our preference is clay pipe on concrete cradles. We believe our biggest expense is digging the trench, so we feel it's worth the extra cost to get what we believe is the best pipe."

George Cowan
Assistant Commissioner
Infrastructures Division
NYC Dept. of Design and Construction


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